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    This is the official site of the Kappa Sigma - Epsilon Alpha chapter at the University of Alberta.


    Take a look through our Events page for information on upcoming activities. Browse our Photos or scroll through our News for a better idea of what we are all about.


    If anything you see interests you, feel free to contact us or drop by the house to say hello. Our house location and contact details can be found on the Contact Us page.


    Welcome to Kappa Sigma, The Most Preferred Fraternity In The World.

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  • Kappa Sigma Fall Rush 2015

    Submitted by James Diebert on 08/31/15 11:07:00 PM

    The gentlemen of the Epsilon-Alpha chapter of the Kappa Sigma Fraternity would like to welcome all returning and new students to the University of Alberta for the 2015/16 school year! If you feel like expanding your horizons, broadening your social and professional network, excelling in your academics, getting involved in campus, or simply having fun and making some new friends, we at Kappa Sigma welcome you to come check out what our brotherhood ... Read More

    Kappa Sigma Fall Rush 2014

    Submitted by James Diebert on 09/01/14 12:02:00 AM

    A new school year at the University of Alberta means the start of fall Rush (formal recruitment) for the men of Kappa Sigma. We all obviously feel that Kappa Sigma has had a profound and positive effect on our lives and this is the time of the year where we want to show you what we are all about and why we think it is such a good thing. We have a number of events throughout the month of September which we invite you to attend and get a first-hand ... Read More

    Kappa Sigma wins ArrowBands for the 3rd straight year!

    Submitted by James Diebert on 08/31/14 11:59:00 PM

    ArrowBands is the anual air-band competition hosted by the Pi Beta Phi Sorority. The event, which raises money towards literacy based fundraisers, was won for the third year in a row by Kappa Sigma! As we have every year we have participated we had a blast preparing and performing for everyone and as a chapter we were really happy to see all of the money that was raised to go towards a good cause. We look forward to the next itieration of ... Read More

    Anchorsplash 2013 with Ceres

    Submitted by James Diebert on 10/31/13 11:53:00 PM

    The 2013 ediiton of the anual AnchorSplash event was once again a fantastic time for everyone who participated. This year we teamed up with Ceres for the weeklong event which featured a tonne of fun activities in and out of the water.


    Kappa Sigma Fall Rush 2013!

    Submitted by James Diebert on 09/02/13 12:32:00 PM

    A new school year is underway at the University of Alberta, which means it is time for Kappa Sigma's annual fall recruitment! Come check out these events and get a chance to see what being Greek and being Kappa Sigma is really all about!


    Barbeque and Volleyball, Monday September 2nd - Come join us at the Kappa Sigma house for some free food and to play a little beach volleyball on the community court!

    Barbeque and Volleyball, Tuesday ... Read More

    Arrow Bands 2013

    Submitted by James Diebert on 03/12/13 08:46:00 PM

    Pi Beta Phi's annual air-bands competition in support of literacy was a great event as always, and it didn't hurt that Kappa Sigma won for the second time in as many years! This year the guys decided to do a nostalgic TV theme, and it garnered the praise of the crowd and judges alike. Throughout the course of the evening Pi Beta Phi was able to raise over $1000.00 through donations and registration fees to help literacy! We would also like to give ... Read More

    Greek God & Goddess 2012

    Submitted by James Diebert on 12/01/12 08:38:00 PM

    Kappa Sigma capped off November with a strong performance at the IFC's annual band and dance competition, Greek God and Goddess, in which we were the defending champions. The men of Kappa Sigma worked hard in the months leading up the event to get the right sound for their band, and the right moves for their dance. As always it was a tonne of fun for all of the (many) Greeks in attendance. We hope to see everyone out again next year to cheer on ... Read More

    Anchorsplash 2012

    Submitted by James Diebert on 10/30/12 08:29:00 PM

    In October of 2012 Kappa Sigma teamed up with Pi Beta Phi for the week long event known as "Anchorsplash", hosted annually by the Delta Gamma sorority. It is a week that included seranading the president of Delta Gamma, collecting soup can labels for charity, and numerous other events. The week was capped off with the pool-day where "Arrow Sigma" had a blast swimming, diving, and boat-racing with all of the other Greeks!


    Kappa Sigma kicks off 2012 recruitment!

    Submitted by Warren "Man Candy" Chung on 09/05/12 12:50:00 PM

    Welcome!  We are the Epsilon-Alpha (EA) chapter of Kappa Sigma and we are currently going through our Fall 2012 recruitment process!  If you would like to learn more about what our great fraternity has to offer, or if you would like to attend our events,  please contact one of the following:


    Michael Langevin - President

    Phone: 780-213-0438

    Email: malangev@ualberta.ca


    Tanner Hughes - Vice President

    Phone: ... Read More

    Trent Bouchard Hockey Tournment

    Submitted by Frank Simpson on 02/12/12 01:02:00 PM

    Yesterday the men of Kappa Sigma and their friends battled hard, defeated PIKE, farm house twice, and DU in the championship game in an overtime thriller. The winning goal was netted on the power play by the BBM line ( Brett- Brett- and Mark). It was the first time in many years that Kappa Sigma has won this tournament, but it is the 4th competition this school year Kappa Sigma has won. When we saw the trophy we noticed that Kappa Sigma dominated ... Read More